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Boukari is a picturesque fishing village located 26 km from Corfu Town. The main beach of Boukari distinguishes for its crystalline and shallow waters that provides safety to all visitors and especially the children. The area is conspicuous for its prominent location offering a breathtaking view of Corfu and its lush green surroundings. This beach attracts mostly families seeking a relaxing and peaceful vacation. Boukari beach is surrounded by a vast area of olive groves that provide natural shade to the visitors. It is relatively small with no beach facilities. There is only a cantine serving drinks and snacks. The beach is quite unspoiled with excellent waters and tranquil atmosphere.


Messonghi is a small peaceful resort situated about 1Km. south of the resort of Moraitika. It is quiet and peaceful with the majority of facilities all within 100mtrs. of the beach. The terrain is relatively flat with no steep hills to climb on those hot summer days. Olive groves populate almost every scrap of unused land. The roads in and around the village are not major through roads and therefore traffic is relatively infrequent.

Corfu Town

Corfu town, especially for its oldest part, is one of the most charming and romantic places of all Greece. It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art that will be able to fascinate you with its little streets and its panoramic points. Surrounded by the sea, the old town of Kerkyra is closed between the two ancient fortresses.

The old Corfu town, built in the past between the two fortresses, has been developed with high buildings as a consequence of the increasing number of the population.

All these houses, one next to the other, have been built of local stones, with wooden attics and handmade tiles. Fortunately, the number of buildings damaged by the Second World War is not so big, and today the charm of the old town of Corfu is preserved and can still remind us of the past.



Mouse Island

Pontikonisi, also known as “Mouse Island”, is a Greek islet located at the entrance of Halkiopoulos lagoon, opposite to the airport area in Corfu. The islet is better-known for hosting the Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator, dating back to the 11th century and only open to visitors every year on August 6.

Pontikonisi has a rich legend that not every visitor is aware of. According to the legend, Pontikonissi was Ulysses’ ship, the vessel that brought the legendary king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey to the island of the Phaeacians. It was during a terrible storm that the boat was washed out on the shores of the island, and god Poseidon turned his boat into this green rock, giving it his name. Others say that the island got its name because when seen from above, it looks like a mouse.

Alykes / Lefkimmi

Until some years ago, this place was a salt moor, but it closed down in 1988. Today, the old buildings have been repaired and the region has been rearranged. The unique sandy beaches , the clear water , the beautiful landscape consist in the perfect beach for those who want to enjoy nature , to swim quietly and play on the beach. In Alykes beach there is no tourism infrastructure and the natural environment remains pure and beautiful.